so my flight will be around 6am and i have to be at the airport around 3am so i won’t be on tumblr from now on anymore since i have to pack, shower and work untill 10pm tonight. idk about the wifi though bc my dad didn’t ask for wifi in our hotelrooms but i did fill my queue with a few things. i’ll miss you guys. and please pray for me to bump into shahid in london, since he’s there as well ugh 3

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[82] / 100 - Veer Zaara

This was the story of Jodhaa Akbar. Their love story is not a part of folklore. Nor is their love ever discussed. Perhaps, it is because history never gave them any importance. But the truth is that Jodhaa and Akbar, together silently made history. 

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I wish my friends would take random pictures of me when we hang out because I’m an arrogant prick and I want more pictures of myself that aren’t selfies.

Someone finally said it

hasraton replied to your post:ur hot…. send nudes…. bcoz ur sexy yaar… i need…

did you actually got these???

from the same person yes sigh

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*prays that I instantly become hot at 18*

*ok let’s shoot for 21*

*Alright 25 here we come*

beingnova asked:
your little side bar thing, shahid from vivahhhh makes my heart melt fetus!shahid is the CUTESTTTTTTTTTTTTT ps i love your blog and yes i'm stalking you BYEEEEE

thank you

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ur hot….
send nudes….
bcoz ur sexy yaar…
i need hot pics….
i lyk u really hot body
y u sent me nothing???

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you know that feeling when nothing’s wrong but nothing’s right either

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ekpalkajeena replied to your post “yeh ishq hai gunah is my guilty pleasure”


is queen

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